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Smartway Approved Skirts

If you think the flu was bad, wait until you see what The California Air Resources Board will do to your Health! (financial health that is!)

Almost every small to medium sized trucking company in California has buried their head in the sand hoping for some kind of miracle that would eliminate the Smartway* requirements. After all, with the economy doing so poorly, surely the politicians realize that to require more expensive mandates will only hurt CA Truckers.


Skirts & Blades
Smartway Approved

Effective January 1st, 2013, Every trucking company that has equipment that travels in excess of 50,000 miles per year must conform in two ways:

  1. 1. Diesel emissions must meet the new guidelines for fuel contamination. Inspections have begun at all scales in the state. The fines will be horrific!

  2. 2. 40 (forty) percent of all 53�s including refrigerated trailers 53� in length must have aerodynamic diverters attached to the trailers! The fines will be horrific!

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1-888 A BIG RIG
(se habla espanol)