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International Trailer Services Inc. offers trailers for sale throughout the year. In recent years, the sales of equipment have become an integral part of our business, accounting for a major part of our expertise.

At all times we maintain a fleet of “for sale” trailers including 48’ and 53’ dry vans. These trailers consist mainly of our own equipment (that has been in our fleet) and they have been the recipient of constant maintenance and certification programs. We comply with all applicable codes and requirements when it comes to the maintenance standards we impose on our own fleet.

For example, we participate in the California BIT Program (which requires quarterly inspection and repairs for the entire fleet). We also participate in the Federal FHWA programs, which requires us to certify the road worthiness of our equipment annually. This permits us to sell high quality equipment at very competitive prices.

We also have access to equipment nationally. We are constantly searching for equipment for our own fleet, and as a result, we have access to very good equipment throughout America. For customers seeking a special type of trailer or looking for a large quantity of trailers, International Trailer Services is the place to come.

For buyers seeking late models, we are able to typically buy newer equipment for thousands less due mainly to our volume purchases. We are then able to pass the savings on to our customers. If you are in the market to purchase any type of trailers, contact us first!

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1-888 A BIG RIG
(se habla espanol)